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The newly built, contemporary style bungalows offer you a spacious 65m² accommodation of two bedrooms, living room (including light cooking facilities) and bathroom, equipped with A/C, and a private veranda and garden.

Set among olive groves, eucalyptus and pine trees, the bungalows exist in harmony with the unspoilt nature around them. Just steps away from two private beaches where you can dive in the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea, and sail to three small islands that frame the coastline and offer stunning views of the sunset.

Seize the opportunity to enjoy water sports, tennis and volleyball games, indulge in flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine, and enjoy the relaxing vibe of the simplicity around you. Excursions to discover ancient and cultural monuments, walking tracks, wine tasting, boat trips, all make up a fulfilling holiday experience.

Ambience: Quiet & Relaxing